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About Me

A Thousand Years []

How I Started My adventure

   Growing up as a normal teen, I always wished I could do something that would change my life forever. My father used to tell me "Do what you love, to love what is working." I tried to understand what he said at that time but I was too Young, so I kept searching for something that I could fit in.

   I loved drawing since 6th grade. At age of 12, I sold my first drawing which was a still life one. 5 months later, I sold two other still life drawings made with charcoal. Later, I figured out my passion toward landscapes and seascapes, but I couldn't have the courage to try drawing something like that. At age of 14, I attended my first art workshop on how to draw landscapes and it felt good! 

   A year from that, I went out of my comfort zone and tried painting a landscape with oil colors but failed and felt heavyhearted that I couldn't accomplish what I wanted. I didn't give up though, several months later, I attended a lesson with an artist named Dalia Hamdy and she made me embrace my skills and expand my art talent. I've traveled abroad to Jordan to make my first art gallery there. I was cascaded by the magnificent amount of interested people who viewed my paintings.

   Now, I'm thankful, grateful and blessed by this amazing talent that God gave me. I paint my dreams because in dreams, one can escape reality and live in a perfectly perfect life where fairy tales exist. I thank my dad for telling me that amazing quote which made me know what I want in my life.

To me, success would be to be able to do my very best in what I love to do...

Dua Faraj